Q: Why should I sell my school(s) to you?

We focus on the safety and well-being of children and support their development through a comprehensive curriculum. We invest in schools to make them even better and grow our organization. As a small organization, your teachers and staff will be part of our team and family. We are proud to say that we value every family member and strive to create the best environment for them.

Q: What happens to my teachers and staff?

Our objective is to keep your teachers and staff and continue the relationship with enrolled children and families. We are excited to grow our family with your team!

Q: What happens to my school name and brand?

We can retain your brand or transition to another name. We could discuss this further to decide the best path forward.

Q: What happens to my curriculum?

We strive for high-quality early learning experiences customized to meet the development needs of every child. We will assess your curriculum and work to identify improvement opportunities to prepare children for success in school and in life.

Q: How do we communicate with your teachers, staff, parents, and children about the transition?

While we have some best practices for communicating the transition, we would like to learn your preferences. You have communicated with your team and parents, and we think you would know the best way to provide them with new information.

Q: Can I continue to be involved in the school after selling the business?

If you have any interest in being involved in the school after the transition, we would be happy to discuss the details.

Q: I own the real estate as well. Would you be willing to purchase the real estate together with the business?

Yes, we would love to acquire the real estate as well.

Q: What happens to the information I share with you about the business?

We consider all information you share private and will not share it with any third party. We can sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) if necessary. We will not also contact any of the teachers, staff, or parents until you give us explicit permission to contact them so we can complete our due diligence.

Frequently Asked Questions